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9671 Teds Roam the Universe....What's Next?
Fury of the Fur
Roadmap v2
August 2022
3d Series pre-production
We ordered 10 episodes to be created by an animation studio in 3D format. This series will tell the journey of FOTF vs Codename: Chewies as they embark on their journey to the blockchain.
2d animation studio
We will be partnering with a world-class 2D animation studio to handle our distribution and shopping of the animated series outside of FOTF vs Codename: Chewies. The studio has worked on animations for shows like The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman and more.
Mystery Box Pre-sale
Mystery Boxes will be 2"x1" figures that are released via shop.fotf.com. These figures will follow the trend of mystery boxes and collectibles and be the first IRL merchandise released by FOTF.
redacted partnership launch
The partnership terms haven't been released yet but we will announce another major partnership for utility around your FOTF token.
September 2022
megazord protocol
The Megazord protocol is the ability to combine Teds into a Legendary. You will be able to swap 25 Teds + 250,000 Honey to get 1 Legendary in return. Full details will be announced soon for other integrations into the Megazord Protocol.
teddys launch
The first foray into a Layer 2 solution and making FOTF cross-chain the Teddys will be launched via Myria. Holders receive one (1) free mint of Teddys. Mint price and details announced soon.
trailer for 3d Series
The first look at the FOTF vs Codename: Chewies animated series will be released early September.
fotf x sour siblings shipping live market push
The FOTF x Sour Siblings gummies will ship at this point and begin a live market push for the collaboration candy. This will include approaching physical locations to carry the gummies, having it purchasable via Honey and more.
shipping of mystery boxes and public sale
500 Mystery Boxes will be released to the public, in addition to the presale numbers. All mystery boxes will be ready to ship on order and come complete with box, rarity and a direct tie to a Polygon based NFT.
pilot trailer for 2d animation
We will release a full pilot trailer of the 2D animated series. This pilot will be used to shop to networks like Nickelodeon, Disney and more through our 2D Animation Studio partners.
codename chewies: sneak peeks start
The artwork for Codename: Chewies will be nearly finalized at this point and sneak peeks will start coming out mid-late September 2022.
fotf los angeles meetup
Happening the weekend of September 23rd 2022 FOTF is taking over LA in a way that only FOTF can. Live music, a whole venue, beach games and so much more! Tickets will be Polygon based NFTs and will be airdropped to holders.
October 2022
trait swapping
The first piece of the FOTF dApp will be trait swapping. Trait swapping will be done integrating the Honey currency and allow Teds to change out Equipment, Body Armour or Headgear.
honey erc20 token and staking
Staking is an integral part of any NFT collection. Our staking will be introduced with transitioning Honey to an ERC20 token. All transactions within the FOTF ecosystem will be gasless while exterior transactions (such as trades and purchases) will require users to claim their Tokens to their wallet. Launched on the ETH mainnet.
3d animation episodes 1-6 released
Released via collaboration with YouTube TV, Episodes 1-6 of the FOTF vs Codename: Chewies 3D animated series will be launched mid-October to coincide with the launch of Codename: Chewies.
district wars begin
With trait swapping done and integrated we can begin work on District Wars. A discord centric battle between the districts for prizes including NFTs, Honey, ETH and so much more.
codename: Chewies launch
Codename: Chewies will be launched mid-October with the release of the first 6 episodes of the 3D animated series. CC will be launched via the Ethereum Mainnet. Full details including mint price, white list access and more will be released with the sneak peeks.
apparel collection 2 launched
The second merchandise collection surrounding the launch of the 3D series and Codename Chewies will be out late October. Apparel will be purchasable via Honey, Crypto or Fiat.
FOTF x Solana collection
Details surrounding the FOTF x Solana collection, as well as other chains, will be released over the previous months. The FOTF x Solana collection will be used to fund the Fury University, a place for scholarships, learning, education and more surrounding the web3 space.
Fury of the Fur DAO
Roadmap v3
What is Fury of the Fur?
Fury of the Fur is a story-driven collection run by a community of Teds. Abandoned by the founders, like the teddy bears of our youth, FOTF has risen back up as a community run DAO. Full 4K resolution, Merchandise, Storyboards, Comics and more are available with your Ted.

But Ted's aren't just a PFP. They're a community representing the best parts of Web3 and NFTs. Left behind by their founders the FOTF community rallied and saved the project. When you join our community you're not just joining a project, you're joining a movement.
Meet the Team
Aaron Nichols
Community Board Head
An accomplished Digital Marketer with over 12 years of professional cross-industry experience, specialising within website design and social media management.
Daniel (Unicorn)
Metaverse Integration Head
Unicorn (Daniel) is PhD and MBA trained, Unicorn is also a genomic scientist who has dedicated his career to improving human health. In his spare time, he swims and plays table top board games
Jack Dearne (Vinxy)
Head of Discord MGMT
Jack has a design background with a deep knowledge of managing and organizing Discord Staff. Has been with FOTF since before the first mint and stayed to help rebuild.
Adrien Savariego
Head of Special Projects
Real Estate agent turned NFT Investor turned Head of Special Projects. Adrien stepped into the board as an emergency member to help while Vinxy was away and now maintains a seat.
Christopher Azoon
3D Animation EP
Cafunk (Christopher) is new to the Space but has all the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store. As an executive producer on the Animated Series Christopher makes sure things are running smooth.
Community Manager
Yashiro has privately, fully doxxed with the Community Board. Due to her IRL job she is unable to full dox to the public. Heading up the Community Management if you've heard about FOTF on Twitter its probably from Yashiro.
What is Fury of the Fur?
Who Are the Founders?
What's the Story With the DAO?
How Do I NFT?

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