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What is Fury of the Fur?
Fury of the Fur is a story-driven collection run by a community of Teds. Abandoned by the founders, like the teddy bears of our youth, FOTF has risen back up as a community run DAO. Full 4K resolution, Merchandise, Storyboards, Comics and more are available with your Ted.

But Ted's aren't just a PFP. They're a community representing the best parts of Web3 and NFTs. Left behind by their founders the FOTF community rallied and saved the project. When you join our community you're not just joining a project, you're joining a movement.
Meet the Team
Aaron Nichols
Community Board Head
An accomplished Digital Marketer with over 12 years of professional cross-industry experience, specialising within website design and social media management.
Christopher Azoon
3D Animation EP
Cafunk (Christopher) is new to the Space but has all the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store. As an executive producer on the Animated Series Christopher makes sure things are running smooth.
Jack Dearne (Vinxy)
Head of Discord MGMT
Jack has a design background with a deep knowledge of managing and organizing Discord Staff. Has been with FOTF since before the first mint and stayed to help rebuild.
What is Fury of the Fur?
Who Are the Founders?
What's the Story With the DAO?
How Do I NFT?

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