Fury of the Fur
Roadmap v1
May 2022
Visual Rebrand
The team will work to rebrand Fury of the Fur from its original branding to an updated, more story friendly and marketable design. This will include a new icon, text based logo and combination of the two.
founder's bundle
To continue having a treasury, with which to build the project, we will announce the Founder’s Bundle. Founder’s Bundle will come with a Birth Certificate NFT which will be developed in the future of this road map as well as other digital goods included.
discord updates
Over the next months we will be totally revamping the Discord. This includes introducing an impactful economics solution, long form gaming and new roles.
Early June 2022
tokenomics integration
Powered by ENCTR the FOTF Tokenomics system can be found at Includes token, staking, bonding and more.
founder's box launch
Merchandise is key to building a strong community and making the brand recognizable in more than just the NFT space. It’s also nice to get something tangible to hold onto for your money. That’s why we’ve introduced our first subscription model crate in The Founder’s Box.
fury chewies prep
Fury Chewies was created to be the second in the Fury of the Fur Collection but, due to the lack of development from the initial founding team, was never completed. Our goal with the Community Board is to prepare Fury Chewies for launch immediately into our v2 Roadmap or before, as voted upon by the DAO.
Late June 2022
snapshot integration
Transitioning to a DAO will require a voting system to be setup. This will be done utilizing SNAPSHOT and require the holder to have one FOTF NFT in their wallet.
web based dapp launch
In order for FOTF to be successful we will be utilizing REACT to create the actual application framework interior to the project. This will allow us to run multiple mints, handle our staking/tokenomics, and more.
free mint for holders
All current holders will be allowed one (1) free mint from the remaining supply. This will be used to test our new website integration between Webflow and REACT.
July 2022
merch launch v1
Integrated into our REACT application, Discord community, ENCTR and FIAT our merch store will launch with the new website. You will be able to represent the FOTF brand through a variety of means.

Each holder is also allowed to create their own merchandise store through our partner Maddies.
multi-sig wallet treasury
After the successful conclusion of the Founder's Bundle we will move all assets into the Multi-Sig Treasury. This will allow the Community Board access to the funds where none can leave the Treasury without all approving it. This wallet will be tied directly to the DAO and act, in its entirety, as the Treasury.

Important to Note: This may be done sooner than July 2022 but is the LAST thing required for a completed Roadmap to DAO v1
Fury of the Fur DAO
Roadmap v2
Who is Fury of the Fur?
Fury of the Fur is a story-driven collection run by a community of Teds. Abandoned by the founders, like the teddy bears of our youth, FOTF has risen back up as a community run DAO. Full 4K resolution, Merchandise, Storyboards, Comics and more are available with your Ted.

But Ted's aren't just a PFP. They're a community representing the best parts of Web3 and NFTs. Left behind by their founders the FOTF community rallied and saved the project. When you join our community you're not just joining a project, you're joining a movement.
What is Fury of the Fur?
Who Are the Founders?
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